Fat Deposits And Why They Matter

Understanding fat deposits and how to control them is essential when weight training for the best results. Since a woman carried the most fat, a female body is the best type of body to discuss when looking at where fat can hide its chubby little cells in the body.

As our final informative blog (before we it hard on great exercises for the different types of fat deposit and bodies), we are excited to share with you everything you ever wanted to know about fat stores in the body.

Pay close attention and figure out where you hide that adipose tissue. Then make a commitment to experiment with the great weight training tips we will be discussing.

Fat distribution across the bodies actually varies pending on what end of the world you may come from. Women love fat about as much as they love carpet cleaning… seriously.

In hot climates, fat tends to localize in the buttocks, hips and the belly. This makes sense if you think of ways the body can store fat but not compromise maintaining homeostasis (the ability to keep body conditions stable, like temperature) by overheating.

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The Body Type Melting Pot

The Melting POT – No one is really just one thing.

After my last post, I wanted to make sure that my readers know this very important fact about body types: YOU ARE NOT JUST ONE.

You are not just one body type.

Remember speaking of natural selection?

Nature is not going to select just one body type to dominate the world when all three have advantages. Not to mention the world is wide and diverse and you will find more predominance of one body type in one area of the world versus another.

With the global society we live in, body types will become less and less apparent. Good thing or Bad thing, I’m not sure.

So, most people are not just one body type. They are generally a mixture of the body types.

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The Three Body Types – More In Depth Details

The three body types: Ectoderms, Mesoderms and Endoderms all develop in different ways.

This blog is going to discuss those ways and offer suggestions on the weak areas for each body type along with suggestions on how to improve those body types to be more universally balanced.

Let’s start with the Ectomorph!


Ectomorphs are sometimes seen as skinny or frail people.

Pencil thin peeps!

They are delicate, lean with narrow or bony shoulders. These are the people you go tell to eat something OR they are the ones that are always munching on something but never seem to gain an ounce.

They generally have very little fat and their muscles are defined whether they are very athletic or not.

You might think that this might be an ideal body type but it comes with it’s own issues.

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Weight Training and Your Body Type: Does it matter?

Here at weight-training-tips.net, we want you to become your best and we want to fully educate you on the different things that affect your overall health and your ability to weight train. (Really “we” is just little ole me, but I envision a giant page full of all the health knowledge I’ve gathered over the years.  I’ve been on collegiate teams, state championships and yes I even have a National Award to my name but that all means nothing if I can’t help others become the absolute best they want to be!

So let’s start this out at the beginning: What body type are you (no… not fat or skinny… don’t go there because you have the power to change it) and why does your body type matter? I want to rid the world of fat so we can all go around skinny and riding in limousines feeling super sexy in a luxurious form of transportation! LOL

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