Weight Training and Your Body Type: Does it matter?

Weight Training and Your Body Type: Does it matter?

Here at weight-training-tips.net, we want you to become your best and we want to fully educate you on the different things that affect your overall health and your ability to weight train. (Really “we” is just little ole me, but I envision a giant page full of all the health knowledge I’ve gathered over the years.  I’ve been on collegiate teams, state championships and yes I even have a National Award to my name but that all means nothing if I can’t help others become the absolute best they want to be!

So let’s start this out at the beginning: What body type are you (no… not fat or skinny… don’t go there because you have the power to change it) and why does your body type matter? I want to rid the world of fat so we can all go around skinny and riding in limousines feeling super sexy in a luxurious form of transportation! LOL

There are three main predominant body types that you should be aware of when weight training. 

It is essential to know your body better so that your efforts in training are not futile.

So… let’s start with some basic concepts (a little biology here).

Each of us is derived from an embryo as a result from fertilization of the ovum (an egg) by a sperm (or spermatozoa if you want to get specific).

By the end of the second week of this amazing venture, you (the embryo) develop into THREE prime layers: the outer layer, the inner layer and the middle layer.

  • Endoderm (Endo – Inner; Derm – Skin) – The deep inner layer of tissues.
  • Mesoderm (Meso-Middle, Derm – Skin) – The middle layer of tissues.
  • Ectoderm (Ecto- Outer, Derm-Skin) – The outer layer of tissues.

The tissues I’m referring to are the epidermal tissues.  You are a lot of skin or epidermis!

Each of these layers then will make or give rise to different and yet very specific parts of your body.

  • The Ectoderm makes the epidermis, your sense organs, the CAN (central nervous system), and your periphery nerves.
  • The Mesoderm makes the next layer which is your bones and muscles, urogenital organs, the cardiovascular system (heart/vessels/blood/lungs). You can count blood as its own “system” if you want.
  • The Ectoderm is responsible for making the intestinal mucosa and other related glands.

If one type of layer is more predominant than another as the organism (you) grows, it leans towards being a particularly defined body type.

So… there you go!  A lesson in biology about the types of bodies that you can be!

Aside from the body types (which I will talk about in depth later), one of the main differences between man and woman matter too.

Have you ever wondered why women are more “smooth and round” compared to the more “Square and Cleaved” men?

It’s because of fat.

Yup…good old fat!

Fat surrounds more and more of a woman’s tissues and rounds out the crevices and curves that our bones otherwise would provide in the aesthetics of our body.

About 18% to 20% of fat makes up a normal women’s body weight, while in a man it is only 10% to 15%.

Why is this?

It is because at some point in their lifetime, the body is relying on the fact that a women will carry a baby and they must be able to live and nourish the baby from their own fat reserves.  It’s a form of stored or “stock” energy.

Women gain weight during pregnancy for the same exact reason.  The body will take on and store even more weight in order to have energy for the last two trimesters of pregnancy AND have enough left over after labor to feed both the new baby and the mother as she heals and recoups from the labor and birth giving.

Crazy huh?

So shouldn’t we, as a society, celebrate fat?

Well the answer is a yes and a no.  It’s probably not the best to celebrate fat and that is why I’m writing this blog post.

Don’t get me wrong, fat definitely has a purpose but in today’s world it is hardly needed because we offer food everywhere and the best hospitals in the area also offer the best medical care. So if the mother needed energy or extra support to survive during or after having the baby, then it would be available without extra fat laying around.

So… all that stuff about saving energy for a baby could be totally irrelevant to you if you don’t plan to have kids OR if you plan to rely on the current health care offerings in the form of balanced diets and practical health care.

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