The Three Body Types – More In Depth Details

The Three Body Types – More In Depth Details

The three body types: Ectoderms, Mesoderms and Endoderms all develop in different ways.

This blog is going to discuss those ways and offer suggestions on the weak areas for each body type along with suggestions on how to improve those body types to be more universally balanced.

Let’s start with the Ectomorph!


Ectomorphs are sometimes seen as skinny or frail people.

Pencil thin peeps!

They are delicate, lean with narrow or bony shoulders. These are the people you go tell to eat something OR they are the ones that are always munching on something but never seem to gain an ounce.

They generally have very little fat and their muscles are defined whether they are very athletic or not.

You might think that this might be an ideal body type but it comes with it’s own issues.

One problem, the hyperactive thyroid, can accelerate the metabolism of the ectomorph and therefore makes it a requirement that they have eat a lot at a fast pace.

Many Ectomorphs might try to fill their body out but in order to do this, they still need to maintain their great bodies.

To gain weight they have to eat even more calories.

They have no muscle tone so ideally they have to increase it.

They also come with a variety of spinal or vertebrata pathologies such as lordosis or scoliosis. Although these pathologies are not just found in Ectomorphs, they are most common in them and well worth addressing because if you are and ectomorph or have scoliosis, you’ll want to make sure you train the right muscle in order to maximize your time and efforts to make a better performing body.

Weak abdominals can be downfalls for ectomorphs because as one, you will need that strength to counterbalance your spinal problems.

Therefore, the main focus for ectomorphs should be postural. Focus on those postural muscles and correct those posture defects. You’ll be better for it and all ectomorphs may be coming to you for future advice on how to really change their weight training to adhere to the top results that you will experience!


Mesomorphs are kind of lucky. They tend to be muscular, own larger joints and bones and sometimes may even have a “burly” appearance. Being burly may not be an attribute you want as a woman but men love it.

With well-developed rib cages, one of the falters you may sometimes see of a mesomorph is that they have larger waists. I consider myself a mesomorph and I have a tiny waist but that is about it! My training in a mesomorph fashion enhances this trait (the small waist) while my shoulders and lower extremities get developed.

Speaking of lower extremities, mesomorphs frequently come with powerful calves and very prominent forearms.

Testosterone has a huge impact on muscle mass and is responsible for increasing muscle mass in the body. Due to this factor, it is safe to say that most mesomorphs are men, however, there are a fair amount of women who fall into this category.

So how did it become more frequent in men?

That’s a discussion that involves natural selection, the driving force of evolution. To put it simply, the most muscular men survived harsh conditions in the past, made more offspring and therefore is more prominent today.

So the mesomorph prescription for lifting and exercising?

Mesomorphs NEED activity. Being successful at most sports they try, their muscle mass may sometimes limit them from longer endurance type events.

Overeating is generally the main issue for mesomorphs, causing weight problems and all sorts of other issues. Lucky as can be, mesomorphs only need a moderate training program to maintain a sexy physique.


Ahh. Endomorphs. These are our chubby friends and selfs.   Their fat layer lays in such a way that the muscular outline is no longer apparent and trade a chiseled appearance for a softer one.

Think of a ham.  The extremities of an endomorph are like hams where they are thin at one end and very chunky at the other.

You might think the Endomorph therefore have a larger bone mass than the other types of bodies but they do not. They generally carry less mass than mesomorphs and slightly more than an ectomorph.

Because their Endoderm is more prominent, they have thicker digestive systems and their waists tend to be larger and potbelly like.

Endomorphs are believe to be mostly women due to the fact that their bodies were made for reproduction and as discussed in an earlier post, their digestive system is super important because it is meant to be able to handle the growth of two or more bodies in their lifetime.

Endomorphs tend to have “lazy” thyroids and do not recover as fast metabolically as the other body types.   The advantage of this body type is the lack of need to eat a lot when food is less available.

The problem? Food.

In regards to abnormalities, they rarely have spinal problems because they have masses of fat in their torsos and ultimately gives them a column like shape with fairly little curves.

Knee problems are the endomorphs vice as the volume they carry above puts pressure on the legs and lower joints and can cause deformity in the legs.

Endomorphs must try to keep in shape by monitoring and limiting the amount of fat they carry.

Regular training and a strict diet will ultimately help the endomorph their weight loss or healthy weight training journey.

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