The Body Type Melting Pot

The Body Type Melting Pot

The Melting POT – No one is really just one thing.

After my last post, I wanted to make sure that my readers know this very important fact about body types: YOU ARE NOT JUST ONE.

You are not just one body type.

Remember speaking of natural selection?

Nature is not going to select just one body type to dominate the world when all three have advantages. Not to mention the world is wide and diverse and you will find more predominance of one body type in one area of the world versus another.

With the global society we live in, body types will become less and less apparent. Good thing or Bad thing, I’m not sure.

So, most people are not just one body type. They are generally a mixture of the body types.

Here are the two most prominent mixture of body types we see:

  1. Mesomorph-Ectomorph – Often seen as sprinters with speed and endurance, these powerful body types are active and shapely.
  2. Mesomorph-Endomorph – These are best seen as the shot-putter. Strong extremities and thicker middles is a sign of these mixes.

AS you read my blog, don’t stick yourself in one genre of body types. Know which one your body is predominantly so that you can focus on those individual parts as a major section of your training.

Designing the appropriate training program to fit your predominant body type will enhance and fire up your results.

Don’t try to change your body type. The longest and most stringent exercise will never allow you to do this. It’s not natural and it doesn’t happen.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is a drug out there that will lower your fat in one area and not another. Your body has millions of cells telling it what to do and none of them change their mind about the body type you are carry around.

So, focus on toning up by limiting fat in the areas you need to and then firm up your predominant shape. Tone and muscle build for your body type. If you’re a mesomorph, you’re not going to need as many calf raises as your friend, the Ectomorph.

See what I’m saying?

So maybe you are reading this and you’re thinking: “Oh that’s great! I know what body type I am but nothing said anything about cellulite”

If you have cellulite and you’re a woman does that automatically make you an endomorph?

Not necessarily. So let’s take a look at cellulite:

Adipose tissue (fat tissue) has one main function: STORE ENERGY.

Storing energy is something that your fat tissues do very well. They stack on these macromolecules called lipids and store them in the body for future use when the body needs it.

Connect by fibers in the body, fat tissue is found in deposits throughout the body between the dermis and the muscles.

Eating a large amount of excess calories will grow the fat tissue exponentially (it seems) and fat will be stored in all the pockets your body can manage.

Our bodies are amazing. They do not like to waste energy.

Just as a plant grows larger and bulkier when we feed it the right nutrients and water, our bodies will grow as well.

Generally, in women, you will see multiple little divots in the buttocks or hips of women. This cottage cheese appearance is caused by fibers that are attached to the skin from deep in the body. As Fat grows around these biological strings, the skin expands but the fibrous tissue does not and therefore causes the depressions you see. The fat literally bulges kind of like a quilt.

This happens no matter what body type you have if you overeat or “store too much energy”.

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